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We will take trade ins or buy used equipment.
27 Years in Business.
We will work with your boat builder to help fabricate whatever
is necessary and in whatever way we can to facilitate completion of your project.

Fishing Boat
Always creating new products, Nautical Design will be happy to engineer your next great idea!
Will your fishing boat accessories prove to have the metal to go the distance?

Fishing boat products by Nautical Design will!

The manufacturing of nautical boat accessories
consists of many skilled hours of labor and material.

Their main compenent is it's metal work.
There are three main metals used: aluminum, chrome on bronze and stainless steel.
Our boat products use 316 grade stainless.

Unlike other fishing chair manufacturers we do not substitute any critical parts of the fishing chair such as bearing spindles, lockdown collars, footrest legs with aluminum. We do NOT offer mid-range or compact fishing chairs with chromed components.

From our smallest fighting chair through our largest marlin series fighting chairs, all components are stainless. Our fighting chair is manufactured "in house", with our labor and raw materials. The cost to other manufacturers of nautical chairs, leaning posts and accessories causes most to turn to imported foreign parts. As a result, quality control, production and purity of metal are compromised. Nautical Design will not compromise quality.

Let our boat components and accessories
prove their metal for you!

End usage or application is that of the cutomer's intent, be that marine, industrial, commercial or residental.

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