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Seakeeper worked with Nautical Design to manufacture this leaning post that meet our specifications. The Nautical Design leaning post features many of the accessories found in today’s modern seat modules.

It features two helm chairs with flip-up bolsters, arm rests, and foot rests. There are rod holders and cup holders along the top, hand rails along the back face, and plenty of tackle storage

All features can be customized to meet your specific needs.



Seakeeper leaning post installed in a small boat




The Seakeeper 3 leaning post installation option was designed in conjunction with Ocean 5 Naval Architects to make it easy to incorporate Seakeeper stabilization into smaller boats—both new builds and refits. By incorporating a structural grid within the leaning post, then bonding the leaning post to the deck using Plexus MA590 adhesive or equivalent, this revolutionary installation technique minimizes the modifications and preparation that are required for a complete Seakeeper 3 installation. Combined with the 12-volt power requirements of the Seakeeper 3, the opportunity for Seakeeper stabilization has just opened up to thousands of boats as small as 30’.

Leaning post with Seakeeper boat stabalization unit.
  • Avoid expensive boat yard or manufacturer installation fees with this turnkey Seakeeper #3 leaning post.
  • Custom gelcoat colors and upholstery
  • Triple bolster seats or standard leaning post styling
  • Custom Sizes
  • Day boat styles with grill or sink

Seakeeper leaning post comes with custom features
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